Taking Wellbeing forward theory and practice

This publication has been brought about by the Open Minds project, run from the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and supported by Higher Education Funding Council of England funds for Widening Participation.
Edited by Lynda Marshall and Charlotte Morris, Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Brighton.

‘Universities strive to enable a diversity of students to develop their potential as learners, and gain the skills and qualifications that they need to develop and move into a full life on graduation. It is vital to recognise the diversity of student learning needs and skills and the need to realise potential. A university that focuses on mechanistically turning out large numbers of graduate ‘bricks in the wall’ as the Pink Floyd hit would have it, is missing the intention of higher education, and failing students in that very diversity and development which our society needs. Placing wellbeing at the heart of the mission and the practices of the university, replaces the human and the social in the university learning system. Caring about wellbeing recognises the whole person, the student not just as a number or a thinker, but a human being with needs, issues, creative and emotional potential’. Gina Wisker

The collection is diverse, incorporating scholarly articles, case studies of practical interventions and personal reflections. It is designed to be an accessible and thought provoking resource, with reflections on theory and practice from a range of perspectives from the University of Brighton and beyond.

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