Jargon buster


Academics people working in colleges and universities as teachers and researchers
 Access  being able to obtain, for example, entry to a building or information
Accessible  used to describe, for example, a building that can easily be entered or information that can be readily understood
Advocacy somebody who argues your case for you
Assessment Establishing what are the problems or issues
BA Bachelor of Arts degree
Benchmark  a standard by which other similar things are measured
Care plan Following assessment the local authority will provide a written plan
Carer  someone, usually a family member or friend, who provides support to someone in their daily life
College of Social Work College upholding and strengthening professional standards
 Co-production describes organisations working together on the same issue
Direct Payments choosing the services you receive
Disability Living Allowance a benefit that helps the extra costs that disabled people face as a result of their disabilities
 Discrimination treating someone unfairly because of a personal characteristic, such as, for example, impairment, age or sexuality
Educator Responsible for student’s learning and assessment
 E-learning  Learning through information found on the internet
GSCC no longer operating
Housing benefit helps with rent if you are on a low income
Income support is a benefit if you are on a low income
lived experience  personal experience of using services
MA Master of Arts degree
MScSW Master of Science in Social Work
NQSW newly qualified social worker
Participation  taking part in
Personalisation is a way of thinking and working that puts the service user at the centre of public services
Portfolio a showcase of your work to demonstrate your skill
Practice (placement)  students having a work experience as part of their degree course
Primary care trust a public organisation that runs the local healthcare system outside of hospitals
Registration the action or process of registering or of being registered
Regulation a rule prescribed for regulating governing principles of organisation
Respite is a break from caring for someone else
Service user  people who need health and social care services whether statutory or voluntary services
Social services is a department of your local authority that deals with issues around disability and caring
Special needs describes a child who has a disability that means they find learning more difficult than most children of a similar age 
SW social worker
Toolkit can be methods, model,  ideas
VLE virtual learning environment


CSW = College of Social Work
GSCC = General Social Care Council
BASW = British Association of Social Workers
HPC/HCPC = Health Professions Council/Health and Care Professions Council