Role of Development Workers in Promotion

Crossing Boundaries the role of development workers in promoting the expert knowledge of service users and carers in social work education.

The involvement of service users/carers in social work education has acquired increasing significance in recent years, the mandate for which is partly provided by the regulatory requirement for such invovlement in all four nations of the UK (Molyneux and Irvine 2004, Ager et al 2005,). Exactly how HEIs put this mandate into practice varies across the UK, but research suggests that effective involvement must be ‘real’, avoiding tokenism, and requires appropriate commitment of resources.

This report – by Judith Davies of the Open University in Wales and Val Gant of  Edgehill University – is a summary of a paper outlining the outcomes of a workshop held in August 2010, funded by the Ian Light Award. Particpants were members of two service user/carer groups supporting social work degree programmes in two nations of the UK (England and Wales).

Download copy of report here.


Crossing boundaries report (174 Kb PDF file)

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