Service user involvement in the design and delivery

of education and training programmes leading to registration with
the Health Professions Council.

Who was involved in this piece of work:
Professor Mary Chambers and Dr Gary Hickey, Faculty of Health & Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George’s, University of London

Sally Wilson Service User Researcher and Denise Forte and Service Users and other study participants.

Executive Summary

The HPC is a regulator of 15 health professions and its role includes approving and upholding high standards of education and training. Noting the trends toward greater SUI in education, the HPC is considering whether to develop a Standard of Education and Training (SET).

This would require education providers across all those professions which fall under its regulatory umbrella to ensure SUI in the design and/or delivery of education and training.

Purpose and objectives of the study
To help them reach a decision the HPC commissioned research to explore the current involvement of service users in the design and delivery of pre-registration education and training programmes approved by the Health Professions Council (HPC). More specifically the overarching research objectives were as follows:
• To gain improved understanding of the nature and extent of service user
involvement in the design and delivery of approved education and training
programmes which lead to registration with the HPC.
• To identify, analyse and evaluate the different types of involvement activities undertaken by approved education providers.
• To situate the above within the relevant literature on service user
involvement (in particular, within education and the regulation of education).
The study objectives were to:
• Identify the existing approaches and types of SUI activity across the range of programmes regulated by the HPC
• Identify existing best practice criteria for SUI in education and training
• Identify the drivers, benefits and challenges of SUI in education and training
• Produce options for Standards of Education and Training (SETs) for SUI in the design and delivery of HPC regulated education and training programmes

Click here to download full report on the study and methods used service users involved in delivery of education and training programmes


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