Peter Beresford OBE

Peter Beresford

is Deputy Chair of SWEP Trustees and also joint chair of the SWEP Advisory Group. He is Chair of Shaping Our Lives, the national independent service user controlled organisation and network.

Peter a long term user of mental health services, Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Centre for Citizen Participation at Brunel University. He is a also a Trustee of the National Skills Academy for Social Care. He has a long standing involvement in issues of participation and empowerment as writer, researcher, educator, service user and campaigner.

Andy Cheng

Andy Cheng

is a former young carer and a current parent carer. He also has professional experience as a carers’ information and development worker for a London borough, in which he was responsible for developing a carers’ forum and lobbying group, outreach and information service. He project managed the SCIE study of carers’ participation in social work education (Taylor et al 2009 – SCIE report 28) and is an associate research fellow at the University of Sussex. Until recently he provided one-to-one support to carers as an adult carers’ support worker employed by a Princess Royal Trust for Carers (PRTC) Carers’ Centre and is now in post as a KTP associate working to build user participation in the executive functions of community development.

Dorothy Carter

Dorothy Carter
Dorothy Carter is Treasurer of SWEP Trustees. She  has personal experience as a carer; chair FOCUS- North West and Princess Royal Trust Warrington Carers Centre; plus director with the Warrington Volunteer Centre.

In fifteen years as a Carer she said she learned first hand the difficulties experienced by Carers needing to juggle  full time employment with the caring role.

Her professional experience includes working as a manager at Age Concern Warrington, working both with older people and their carers, to deliver advice and information, advocacy, counselling and healthy lifestyle training.

Currently Dorothy is the Chair of FOCUS- North West (Forum of Carers and Users of Services), an organisation which identifies, supports and trains service users and carers who are involved in Social and Health Care education. With Focus she was involved in a research project (Walk This Way) about service user and carer involvement in post qualifying education.

Her experience as a practice educator with Chester University provides insight from the students’ aspects of service user and carer involvement. Dorothy is also involved in interviewing students and delivering training sessions.

Dorothy is also the Chair of the Princess Royal Trust Warrington Carers Centre and a director with the Warrington Volunteer Centre.

She says “I would like to see even more service user and carer involvement in all aspects of social and health care education and to see more regard for valuable input that they provide.”

Kate Pieroudis

Kate Pieroudis

Kate Pieroudis is a co-opted Trustee. Kate is now working as Resident Involvement Notting Hill Housing.

She joined SWEP originally when she was a Policy & Training Officer at the user-led organisation ADKC (Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea). ADKC works in this west London Borough to champion the rights of local disabled people.

Whilst at ADKC Kate set up the Consultation Project in 2006 aiming to support ADKC members to feed their views into key local issues such a housing and health. During this time she was the  chair of the  Disability Network, a quarterly discussion forum that brings service providers and disabled people face to face to debate the issues and bring about change.

As an experienced Disability Equality trainer Kate has designed training packages to equip local people with the right skills to meaningfully sit on steering groups and decision making bodies. She is proud of her work on setting up the  ‘Get on board’ training which recruited 5 new members onto the ADKC Board of trustees.

Whilst at ADKC Kate ran a focus group which heard how members would like to get involved with training social work students and their views were fed into a national report examining this.

Kate started of as a member of  SWEP Steering Group before being approached to become a trustee by other members.

Ann Nutt
Ann has been involved with many third sector organisations in a strategic role. Currently Deputy Vice Chair of SWEP,

Vice-Chair of Shaping our Lives, Trustee and founder member of ECDP – a disabled people’s user led organisation.

Ann has been a service user for a number of years and during this period gained her diploma in multiple disabilities and Post graduate as a disability equality practitioner.

She is currently a member of  PowerUs, a Leonardo Project working  alongside colleagues from Universities in: Britain, Norway and Sweden. Its purpose is to develop service user participation in social work education in all of these countries.

Jill Anderson
, Mental Health in Higher Education.

Peter Atkins, Bournemouth University.

Peter Atkins

Peter Atkins is a carer and he helped form the East Dorset Mental Health Carers charity which represents 270 Adult Mental Health Carers.  He is also the carer and service user co-ordinator at Bournemouth University in Health and Social Care a job he shares with Angela Warren.

He has been a carer since 1993 of his wife who has Personality Disorder, they have 4 children and live in Poole in Dorset.

Peter helped to form the East Dorset Mental Health Carers charity in 1998 which represents the needs and concerns of mental health carers in Bournemouth, Poole and South and East Dorset and has a membership of 270 carers.

In 2004/2005 he became the carer and service user co-ordinator at Bournemouth University on the Social Work Degree course as well as linking on the Health course.

Peter then took part in a project funded by Skills for Care to co-ordinate Carer and Service User involvement across the South West of England and to that end was part of helping to form the SUCCESS group of carers and service users involved in the Social Work degree across the South West.

He has a wealth of experience of Carer issues at local, regional and national levels as well as being involved in forming a charity and fund raising for £500 – £120,000.

Mike Bush

Mike Bush, Mental Health Survivor and Consultant.
I have worked in the social health care area for over 38 years. Myexperience has been predominantly in adult services and mental health, mainly working in Community Mental Health Teams as a Mental Health Social Worker.  I am a  member of SWEP  and have been  very active in social work and health service user involvement and education for over 12 years. I have been teaching sessions at Universities in the Yorkshire region on the importance of understanding strategies to promote and protect the mental health of social workers and campaign on this nationally. I am a member of the Professional Capabilities Framework Group at the College of Social Work. I have also provided training for BASW.

I have been a speaker at national and regional conferences concerning suicide issues and men’s mental health and have appeared as a panellist on  Radio 4 “You and Yours” programme  concerning mental health issues regarding suicide and stigma. I have also been involved with local radio and television regarding mental health issues.   I have had papers published on suicide and mental health issues in mental health journals and on websites in Britain and America.


In November 2000 I suffered a major mental breakdown I became about as depressed as a human being can get and was actively suicidal myself. I cannot put into words how much I have learnt as a result of this year of living hell that I experienced. I am heavily involved in a wide range of national and regional mental health organisations and mental health user involvement campaigning groups. My mental health user experience has meant a journey of light years in understanding acute mental distress and it has contributed more than I can say to my perception of mental distress and has greatly informed my practice as a lecturer in mental health work at universities in the Yorkshire area. I feel my experience is put to good use in working with the College of Social Work and particularly in the area of education and advisory work.

Contact details:
Phone   0113 2294021 

Steve Carey

Steve Carey, Anglia Ruskin University.
Steve Carey has been involved in the strategic management of several third sector organisations.  He has been part of SWEP since its inception in 2008 and has also been a trustee/director of ecdp, a disabled people’s user led organisation since 2000.  He has been a service user for 23 years, ever since he lost his sight due to long term diabetes.  He has a background as a senior electronics engineer and Further Education teacher.  He is currently employed in a local Higher Education institution as a manager and also acts as a member of the service user and carer involvement group (SUCI) at the university.  Steve has a BTEC HNC in Communication Engineering, a BSC (hons) in Information Systems, a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (HE) and an MA in Managing Disability Services.  He is currently undertaking research for a PhD in the area of professionalism in disabled people’s user led organisations.  He is married with four children and lives in Rayleigh in Essex.

Mary Collett, Independent Carer Representative.

—Ron Critcher, Surrey County Council.

Nigel Haydon

Nigel Haydon,  Carers in Partnership West Midlands.





—Kay Malko, Disability Equality Trainer and Consultant and an off-site Practice and Educator for social work students.
Kay has been involved in the provision of Disability Equality Training for statutory and non-statutory organisations, as well as the design and implementation of a number of service user consultations. Her work is informed by the Social Model of Disability, and by personal experience.

She is a Director of REACH Inclusive Arts (an inclusive local Arts charity) of Action Disability Swindon (a local Disabled peoples use led organisation) and of Shaping our Lives (a national service user led network).  She is a member of the service user and carer groups with the social work programmes at Wiltshire College, Bristol University and is involved with a Community profiling placement for Bath University. Kay is also a member of the management committee of a local community group.

Previous work experience includes being a member of the management team of the Cotswold Community (a Wiltshire Social Services residential therapeutic community), Education Information Officer at the British Council, Iraq and work with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and FAO (the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation).

Eileen Mulhall,  Independent Carer Representative.

Ozina Oki, Social Work Student.

June Sadd, Shaping Our Lives.

Jill Scholl

Jill Scholl, University of Sussex / Brighton.
Jill is an experienced parent carer who has first hand knowledge of health and social services.  Joined the SWEP advisory group 5 years ago.

I have worked for the past seven years at the University of Sussex. I coordinate the involvement of service users and carers in the social work courses.

My oldest son has chronic paranoid schizophrenia and I believe my experience as a parent carer has assisted me in my role. I have brought together a network of service users and carers from the local community with a range of lived experiences. They take part in various activities relating to the teaching and learning of Social Work students. Sixteen members of the network have applied successfully to become Associate Tutors.

As an experienced parent carer I have first hand knowledge of health and social services. I believe services improve when the perspectives of service user and the carer are embedded in the design and delivery of all training programmes, before and after qualification.

I am a member of several committees including, Carer’s Reference Group for Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust,  Service User and Carer Training  Advisory Group Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust,  West Sussex PCT Mental Health Programme Board,  Learning and Development Reference Group at the College of Social Work, and PowerUs.

My passion is to help shape a motivated workforce that has the confidence to take the health and social service to a new level of competence and accountability. A properly resourced workforce that can work with service users and carers as equals, promoting respect, dignity, and trust.