Jill Scholl

Jill Scholl

I joined the SWEP advisory group 2 years ago.

I have worked for the past four years at the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton as the Service User and Carer Project Worker.

My oldest son has chronic paranoid schizophrenia and I believe my experience as a parent carer has assisted me in my role. I have brought together a network of service users and carers from the  local community with a range of lived experiences. They take part in various activities relating to the teaching and learning of Social Work students.

As an experienced parent carer I have firsthand knowledge of health and social services. I believe services improve when the perspectives of service user and the carer are embedded in the design and delivery of all training programmes, before and after qualification.

I am a member of several committees including Skills for Care, Carer’s Reference Group for Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, User and Carer Reference Group for the Social Work Reform Board, and take part in activities with Carer’s Support.  I have taken part in Research Projects.

My passion is to see a motivated workforce that has the confidence to take the health and social service to a new level of competence and accountability. A workforce that can work with service users and carers as equals, promoting respect and dignity, and trust.

I  have been an active member of SWEP Advisory Group for a number of years now and was involved in the redevelopment of SWEP’s new website.

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