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Newly Qualified Social Workers

New NQSW web resource now available – developed by SCIE in partnership with Skills for Care

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Facilitator Development Programme

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Interim report summary of the evaluation of the impact of the NQSW framework in adult services

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NQSW framework in adult services

Skills for Care in partnership with the Department of Health and stakeholder organisations have identified the development needs of newly qualified social workers in adult services and developed a framework for their support in the first year in practice.

what is the framework?

The framework recognises that Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) need a range of support at different stages of their careers.

They need:

  • support to build on the expertise and knowledge they have developed on qualifying programmes and how to apply this to a practice setting as a qualified worker.
  • good quality induction to the profession and to their organisation.
  • access to the correct type and level of quality supervision.
  • a structured process of continued professional development which supports them to develop their career beyond the first year in practice and to meet registration and post registration training and learning requirements.

It also recognises that managers need support so that they can provide the most appropriate environment possible for NQSWs and, in particular, meet their supervision and ongoing development needs.

why is this important to you?

  • Good quality support to NQSW improves confidence and readiness to practice.
  • Access to a structured induction process improves worker understanding of their role.
  • Appropriate supervision supports effective, safe practice.
  • Good quality professional development opportunities support improved recruitment and retention of workers.

The framework is made up of a range of user-friendly tools and resources which are based on best practice to support NQSWs and their managers. It includes a resource pack and action learning programme.

The NQSW discussion forum is also available which provides a secure space to further assist in sharing ideas and learning. In addition we are providing funding for employers to build their own systems of support.

The NQSW resource pack can be downloaded for free from this website.

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